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Sanctuary Rebooted

SanctuaryZinh, Nov 1, 11 1:40 PM.
Let's take a look and see if it's viable to restart this guild based on some current events that have unfolded

Anyone know which Server Skittles, Blythe, and Rottendeath went to?

SanctuaryZinh, Aug 24, 11 5:39 PM.
send Zinh a message in game on the atrophinus server if you do.  I would like to get in touch with them.

Patch 1.4

SanctuaryZinh, Aug 9, 11 9:32 AM.
Just wanted to say that with 1.4 cleric tanking is now very viable, in fact I would argue it's superior to warrior tanking in some cases.  Let's get out there and keep recruiting guys.  It will take some time for us to get back to where we were a month ago.

Rebuilding Sanctuary

SanctuaryZinh, Jul 28, 11 11:35 AM.
We will be rebuilding Sanctuary.  It turns out several officers and members: Skittles, Blythe, etc ....left to another shard w/o saying anything.  Then another defection occured with Irronstone, Hellrider, etc... to form another guild called STRAY DOG YAKUZA.  They betrayed us but we will move on.  From here we will build a stonger and more streamlined Sanctuary.  All memberships to this website have been deleted. 

If you want new access you will have to go back through the sign-up process.  Also all DKP has been wiped clean and we will no longer be using a DKP system.  Loot will be open roll based on class with some minor restrictions.  This is common sense stuff.  I will be rewording our loot rules.

Also new officers will be promoted and we will be looking for raid ready players.  Let's make the most of this.  In my mind we basically just weeded out the players that don't deserve to be in this guild.

DKP Changes

SanctuaryZinh, Jul 14, 11 9:49 AM.
After a council meeting it was decided to reset the DKP in our guild to accomodate the merger of Sliver.  We also streamlined the DKP rules to speed up raid progression.  Please take a minute to review the DKP rules here: DKP Rules

Welcome to Sanctuary!!

     This guild was formed from a close group of friends who have been playing since the days of Asheron's Call.  Recently moved over from World of Warcraft, we are determined to build a strong guild and tackle end game content.  Come join us today!!

      We are both a leveling guild and an end game content guild.  Our missiion is to build a team of raiders to tackle 20 man raid content and also provide an environment for casual players to have fun and progress.  For more information please see Brianne or Zinh.


Your humble leader, Zinh.

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